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Tax Reviews

Most people have annual medical checkups, annual financial reviews and possibly even insurance reviews.  We offer annual tax reviews which may help to save you money in taxes and in other ways.  Many situations which occur in our busy lives have tax consequences, we are here to help you through these times.

Tax Preparation

The preparation of tax returns should not be to just get your return filed with the IRS.  You, as a taxpayer, should be availed of all legitimate deductions and credits.  We not only prepare your tax returns, but we look for tax savings which may be available to you.

Tax planning

If you have a business, rental properties or income from various sources a good tax plan can save you money.  We offer complete tax plans or specific tax situation advise.   Before making major decisions let us look at your tax situation so you may get the best results.

Special Tax Events

Every so often an situation may occur, which is not easily recognizable as a taxable event.  One of these occurences is divorce.  There are many issues related to divorce which can create a taxable event, but many times these can be mitigated.   If you are going through the trauma of a divorce we can make the result be less painful.  
​​​Tax Updates

Visit our  tax update  page to get up to date tax information on various tax topics.  Contact us if you have questions regarding any of the informaiton we provide.

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