We work with individuals, couples and Attorneys to assist in finding solutions to financial and tax problems resulting from divorce.
Considerations in Divorce
  • Filing status
  • Allocating income & deductions
  • Estimated tax payments
  • Structuring alimony and other payments.
  • Issues related to children.
  • Property settlements
  • Trusts in divorces
  • Retirement plans and IRA's.
  • Stock options
  • Amended returns
  • Business valuations
  1. Taxation
    Many tax issues can arise in a divorce such as how to file in the year of divorce. Which party gets to claim the children and other deductions. These and other factors can create a surprise tax situation if not planned for.
  2. Finances
    When the family finances get split in half it can become much more difficult to manage two households. We can help to find the best solution to keeping things going with little or no change.
  3. Plans for the future
    We will work with you to establish goals so that plans can be made now, and finances set in place, to help insure your future is not riddled with surprises and problems.
  4. Working as a team
    We will work with your attorney, insurance agent and broker in order to create the best possible scenario for you. Covering items such as retirement, health insurance, budgets and finances.
          Custody of Children

One of the more confusing and misunderstood areas in divorce is who is the custodial parent and who gets the exemption for the child or children.

Here are some items for concern:

  1. What is the advantage of an exemption after the  Tax Act (TCJA).
  2. Does the exemption need to be in the divorce or separation agreement.
  3. What is IRS form 8332.

We have outlined answers to these and other questions, please proceed to our question and answer page.
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