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Business Consulting

Systems reviews, payroll setups, strategic planning and cash flow analysis we can assist you with making your business more profitable.

  • Payroll - we will review your payroll system to make sure you are in compliance with new rules and regulations.   We can also help with human resource matters such as, employee manuals, employee retirement plans, and health insurance plans.
  • Planning - most small businesses do not have a strategic plan because the owners or managers lack the time and/or knowledge to prepare one.   A strategic plan will set goals and establish systems to help you attain these goals.
  • Cash flows- many businesses are profitable but lack the necessary cash to expand and become more porfitable.  We can create a cash flow model for you to determine when and what your cash flow needs are, and will be in the future.  These projections help to ease the burden of low cash flows at certain times of the year.

If you want your company to expand and be profitable we can provide the assistance you need to get there, call today for a free initial consultation.  It costs nothing to hear what we can do.
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 Individual (personal) Consulting

We can help with retirement planning, planning for college education for the children, or setting up a budget to help keep finance in line, and to create financial stability.  Give us a call today to see how we can assist you with your finance.

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